CSR Racing 2 (Game, iPhone and iPad, v1.4.4, 4.5 / 5 – 3365 votes, VO, 723.7 MB, Game Center, iOS 8.0+, NaturalMotion) came out a few days ago and can be To be very successful, just like his predecessors.

However, CSR Racing 2 is not as simple or even simplistic as one might think at first glance. It requires investment of time, and perhaps also money for those who wish to progress faster than average.   Here’s a quick start-up guide with a few tips to optimize your progress in CRS Racing 2 . 


The first few seconds of a race are the most crucial and if you plan to get ahead of your opponents, you must accelerate when the speedometer is in final position every time. Hack CSR 2 This way, you will avoid skating and therefore a disaster. When the clock begins the countdown, you must accelerate until the needle is in the orange segment at the time the count is ‘2’. In this way, when it falls it will be located in the green at the beginning of the race.


It sounds tempting, but if you’ve got a good start, resist the temptation to use your booster until you really need it. When your opponent begins to gain ground on you, it is the right time to use the booster and retain your advantage.


It is also tempting initially to spend your money in cosmetic improvements. But from an optimization point of view, it is better to focus on the performance improvements that will make it easier to win races. When you get the free Nitro improvement, concentrate on the tires. CSR Racing 2 Hack Cheats Make them strong and reduce the likelihood of slipping to be more efficient on the road.


In CSR Racing 2 , there’s so much to see at the start that it’s easy to forget the rewards or being suspicious about free gifts. However, take everything you are given and constantly check the menu on the left to get your rewards. This will bring you the money needed for the improvements you need.


The most important lesson to learn in CSR Racing 2 is the shifting gears. Do it correctly and you will drive at an optimum speed. In order to achieve this, keep your eye on the speedometer constantly and memorize the best time to shift the gear. You will recognize the right moment when shifting does not affect your pace. If you have your own tips to share with us and our readers, do not hesitate to suggest them in the comments.

Tips and tricks to get started in CSR Racing 2
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