The vagabond is a mysterious duelist, who will be with you sooner or later in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links will emerge. This mysterious character is not a man of many words, but he puts your deck and your skills as a duel player to the test. In this guide, we would like to tell you how to defeat the vagabond , from what level he appears, how to bully him to friends and what additional challenges you can choose for a duel.

The vagabond is neither one of the standard duelists, nor is he a legendary duelist. Once you have reached level 9 , he will appear at a random location in the Duel World . Just click the icon to challenge the vagrant.

The Rover in Yu-Gi-Oh!  Duel Links: Face your challenges and make friends.

The Rover in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: Face your challenges and make friends.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: The vagabond and its challenges

The duels against the veilful character are so special, because you always have to compete against him with special conditions or challenges . If you challenge him, the vagabond chooses a random challenge for the upcoming match. If you manage to defeat the vagabond, you can reveal the name of a friend and choose a special condition for this duel – how barbaric! The table shows you all the possible additional conditions and the points of experience you can get at victory or defeat – these are especially high.

Challenges Descriptions Experience Points (Victory / Defeat)
Start with 1000 LP. You start with only 1,000 life points in the duel against the vagabond. 1,500 XP / 1,250 XP
Smaller spell / trap zone The left and right zones for magic and dropping cards are disabled. 1,300 XP / 1,050 XP
Small monster zone The middle zone for monster cards is disabled. 1,300 XP / 1,050 XP
No special incantations You can not do Special Summons. 1,700 XP / 1,450 XP
No monster effect activation You can not activate monster card effects. 1,700 XP / 1,450 XP
Opponent starts with 3 monsters Three monsters from the vagabond’s main deck are placed on the field before the duel begins. 1,500 XP / 1,250 XP
Magic / Fall cards are set at start-up Three spell or trap cards from the Main Deck of the Rover are placed on the field before the duel begins. 1,500 XP / 1,250 XP
Opening hand: 1 card You start with a hand card. As a second you can draw a second card. 2.500 XP / 2.250 XP
Opening hand: 2 cards You start with two maps. As a second, you can draw a third card. 1,700 XP / 1,450 XP
Opening hand: 3 cards You start with three maps. As a second you can draw a fourth card. 1.100 XP / 850 XP

As you can see, a duel against the vagrant is always worth it. The number of experience points is very high for every challenge. If the vagabond is to appear in the world of your friends, you must first beat him in a duel. Impressed by your abilities, he then asks for the name of a friend in your list. Choose a person and choose one of the challenges described above.


If your friend defeats the vagabond, he can not direct him to you. He must win another duel to unlock this option. The vagabond thus appears more often in your world when you add many friends. Hack Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Gems

Vagabond defeat – so you create it

The vagabond is one of your strongest opponents. It is not easy to defeat him, because he uses many different decks and he is so difficult to counter. We recommend you level 10 if you want a chance. As we have already told you in our tips , you should tinker as early as possible on your active deck.

For this you must earn a lot of precious stones , with which you get booster packs and thus new cards. The vagabond increasingly uses strong magic and dropping cards and has many effects monsters . You can, for example, remove cards like Curseblaster or Trap , which will get rid of your annoying spells and traps.

You must defeat the vagabonds if you want to introduce him to a friend.

You must defeat the vagabonds if you want to introduce him to a friend.

The vagabond is increasingly using tributes to summon powerful monsters that you just can not get past? Use maps like the Storm Attack command to destroy any monster by tributing a monster on your side – it’s worth it!

In general we recommend a defensive tactic in the duel with the vagabond. Try to survive one or two monsters on your side of the field to bring a strong creature into play with Tribute Summoning. A very useful skill is LP Boost α by Joey Wheeler , who unlocks her with this character from level 3 onwards. At the start of the duel you get a bonus of 1,000 life points , which can bring you the decisive advantage in a tight match.

If you want to know how to unlock all the characters , we have created a separate guide. Unfortunately the vagabond is not a playable duel.

Vagabond defeat and rush to friends – Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links